What they said about Ted.

Ted Kennedy. There has been a recent uproar that he was given a grand Catholic funeral Mass despite the fact that he did NOT live a righteous and godly Catholic life and strayed far from the Church’s teachings in many areas, most notably being VERY pro-abortion, among other things, and his immoral dissolute  living including adultery, philandering,heavy drinking,and leaving the scene of an accident hardly qualify him for being Catholic politician of the year. He did have some good points,however, too, incl. caring for the poor and trying to get universal health care where all citizens have access to medical care. Like all of us, he had both good and bad points,but it would seem the bad(which are some SERIOUS grave and mortal sins we’re talking about here!) outweigh the good,and he wasn’t a “good” Catholic and wasn’t what you’d call an emisary of the Church. He may have been “Catholic” in name only; that is, baptized and born into a Catholic family, but that’s it; he certainly did not live a morally clean  Catholic life! Perhaps he did repent in the end and made a good holy Confession, and his judgement is ultimately up to God but from all accounts it doesn’t look good and it wasn’t right he was given a Catholic Mass and treated like he was a saint! Money really CAN buy anything,sadly, even from higher-up  individuals in the Church who sway towards the world. Looking at the way he conducted his life and the fact he appeared to have the morals of an alley-cat you’d never know he even WAS a Catholic, as he certainly didn’t honour, observe, or practice Church teachings.As with all those who have died(and esp. for sinners who need intercession the most!) I pray for his soul. I wish him well and hope he can make it to Heaven. Only God knows his heart and the best we can do is hope and pray, not only for “lost” souls, but for everyone.