“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on our lives:

Well, yesterday we dropped off our 2nd oldest at university.It was a 7 hour drive and so now we have 2 away at university.They’ll be home to visit next over Christmas.The rest of us resume our homeschooling on Tuesday, after Labour Day. Now the 10 year old moved into her sister’s old bedroom and is excited,and we had the pool guys close up the pool for winter and the piano tuner came as well. We also found 2 caterpillars and had them crawl all over us, and tried Wilson running around the house until he did a ca-ca on the Persian rug,so I guess he still needs to be confined either outside or(on rainy days) int he kitchen for awhile longer, but he IS only 8 months old,too! I got stung by a wasp as well and now the 2 year old has Pink-Eye,and he drew on the dog and took off his diaper running around showing everyone his “willy” and my hubby is ending 2 weeks of holidays tomorrow. Our electric power was also off for 7 hours,and of course went out right in the middle of watching a movie(it figures!) and a school friend of mine just had her first grandchild as well, which makes ME feel really old as we’re the same age! 😦