The Wilson saga.

Our Shih Tzu puppy Wilson is now 8 months old and weighs over 12 pounds. He is a very quiet dog who rarely barks, most likely as we train him NOT to,and when he does we sternly command,”Shut it!” He still likes to snuffle around along the ground and eat bugs, watches squirrels and chipmunks, and has ear mites now as well, but I put ear drops in and it’s looking so much better now! He also gets his coat clipped every 2-3 weeks and recently got a flea spray rubbed in. When you say, “Kissy-wissy, lickey-wickey!” he comes up and gives you a big wet lick on the face,and is very skilled getting up on his hind legs and twirling around for a treat,and knows he has to sit and wait patiently for a tidbit if we’re eating meat, not until the end,and only if he doesn’t mooch or beg.We tried him running loose inside the house until he did a ca-ca on the Persian rug, so I guess he needs to still be confined either outside or(in bad weather) in the kitchen, awhile longer,and he’s in his crate during the night. He’s a good boy! 🙂

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