Excuse me for having limitations!!

Today I slipped and fell(on a splotch of unseen yogurt on the kitchen floor that just happened to match the colour of the linoleum!) and went down and now I hurt so MUCH; every part of my body  hurts and I feel like a broken old crone! This just adds to my list of ailments and limitations, which enrages my unsympathetic husband who HATES and resents my limits, such as my breathing problem(diagnosed as a teen as only receiving 50% of the oxygen I need due to mouth,and nose obstructions and malformations)I am unable to walk long distances,exert myself, do physical activity,or run up and down the stairs(I get out of breath, huff and puff,and can faint if I over-do it I also have to sit down and rest a lot). He complains I’m just “lazy” and gets mad I’m slow and can’t keep up! I also suffer from Social Phobia(I’m sure was caused by years of bullying and torment in school) which greatly limits me socially and makes me life-challenged; I don’t socialize, “mingle”,don’t like talking on the phone, and feel awkward and uneasy around other people and prefer to be by myself,and avoid parties and all social activities. He says I’m a “snob”. I also have a perception problem and can’t judge space or distance, read maps, or follow directions or instructions, or do math. This frustrates him to no end as I can’t assemble or fix anything, or  drive due to it and he resesnts being the only driver and having to teach the kids math in our homeschooling(I do the younger grades(as well as all the other subjects) and even struggle with that!)because I’m NOT smart enough to(as if I had a choice; I wouldn’t choose to be this way!) I have blinding headaches as well that immobilize me for days on end. It feels like ice-picks in my skull and like my head will explode!Needless to say, I don’t have any support and am blamed for my limitations.This, of course, doens’t help any and only makes me feel even more isolated and alone. He just has no idea what it’s like. I know my limits.He, on the other hand, seems to think it as an “excuse”.I suffer from despression as well, which, on top of everything else, is very crippling. Maybe this is my cross to bear, my suffering that brings me closer to His Cross? I offer it up for the unborn and for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. God knows me and what I can and cannot do, and He has not forsaken me and He loves me just as I am.I am broken and beaten but not forsaken.