“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival started at http://www.mckmama.com        it’s a BIG one this week(I’ve been a naughty girl!) but here goes….

I didn’t…feel relieved(and don’t miss OR feel “guilty” over it) my haughty daughter(who causes much strife and conflict in our family) has gone away to university…

I didn’t…judge someone by the way they look and then feel badly because I don’t like it when someone does it to me….

I didn’t ….tell the 2 year old when he kept grabbing at his “willy” it’ll “fall off” if he doesn’t stop it…..

I didn’t…seriously contemplate leaving my hubby; tired of his dismissal, disregard and demeaning treatment of me….

I didn’t say(when someone remarked to me someone’s kids are “at a disadvantage” for not having a computer in their home) “Their dad’s white-trash; they’re already at a disadvantage!”…..

I didn’t…use my husband’s shampoo on the dog…

I didn’t….sneak off in private to eat a chocolate bar in secret so the kids wouldn’t see and I wouldn’t have to share….

I don’t…have secret fantasies of running away to the life I never had….

I didn’t….get hurt and angry someone “de-friended” me on Facebook, even though I always gave them nothing but support and never did anything to deserve to get “blocked”…..

I didn’t….get tiresome of a fellow blogger who appears to be getting too arrogant, prideful and showing-off and “too big for her britches”…..

I didn’t….move a sweater that was on our regular seats in church over to another spot and just sit down there anyway….