Why we DON’T celebrate Hallowe’en!

I am dismayed to already see references to Hallowe’en and it’s just the middle of September! It’s bad enough we’re inundated with it the entire month of October! We don’t celebrate it. We are Christians,who, in good conscience can’t take part in glorifying the occult. This is the biggest celebration for pagans and satanists; sort of  like Satan’s birthday; their “holiest” day; their major day of sacrifice and honoring Satan and the demons. I read somewhere once Christmas is God’s day and Hallowe’en is Satan’s. People think it is just harmless fun; a fun time to dress up, get candy and go to parties, but Satan is very clever in disguising things and making evil things look harmless and fun.(astrology, psychics, tarot cards, palm reading, Ouiji boards,fortune-telling,Wicca, Harry Potter, yoga,etc.. are other examples)when really it is seeped in false religion, pagan(or even satanic) worship, tradition, or ritual. Anything that has anything to do with the occult is forbidden for Christians; the Bible is VERY clear on that. No exceptions. We are called to be “separate” from the world and this is an example.There are even some so-called Christians that celebrate it,mislead, not realizing the full extent, or origin, of it,and the harm they are doing; opening the door to the occult. We have to make a choice: God or Satan; we can’t have it both ways.We can’t have one foot in one door and the other foot in the other. It just doesn’t work that way, and once one realizes the true nature and meaning of Hallowe’en and what it stands for, and who it really glorifies and honours, we are obligated to have no part of it.If you know something goes against the Bible and offends God why would you do it?Which is MORE inportant; pleasing Him and safeguarding your eternal soul….or partying with demons just to go along with the rest of the world for fear of being different ? The 2 days AFTER Hallowe’en are actually the Holy days; All-Saints Day and All-Souls Day.These are what we should be celebrating!!

What happened to Strawberry Shortcake?

Our girls LOVE Strawberry Shortcake, es. the 6 year old! Now, they have gone and changed her yet again(the 4th time!) and completely RUINED it! We got the new movie on DVD today and NONE of the characters look or sound the same; they changed everything, incl. where they live, their face-shape, eye colour, clothing style, voices, colour of Pupcake, put spots on Custard, and they don’t even live in Strawberryland anymore!(and where is Angel Cake, Ginger Snap and Huck?) What’s up with THAT? They look and sound like totally different characters and appear to be teens now(and no longer cute little kids!) as well! My favourite of Strawberry’s “metamorphasis” was the 2nd version(the one seen pictured here) with the shorter hair. The original version(that came out when I was a teen in the early 80’s) looked like a rag doll with a big stupid pouffy hat. The next one I liked, and then recently they changed her to having longer hair and wearing slutty clothes such as mini-skirts,and now they changed her(and ALL the characters) totally different and unrecognizable,and what’s up with their “gay” striped leggings? The latest version looks like a combination of the previous other 3, and I don’t like it one bit; they ruined her! Why DO they have to always CHANGE everything,anyway? Usually when they do they worsen it; they should have just left well enough alone. Now I’m disappointed and turned-off! Why didn’t they leave her?They were better before!