“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on our lives lately:

The 2 year old peed in the potty twice this week so far and exclaimed,”Pee!” He also did it one time before. I have been struggling with my depression as well so my hubby brought me roses to cheer me up and (since everything with us is always about saving money) the 10 year old quipped, “He must have got them on sale somewhere!” and the 6 year old chopped off a chunk of her hair(the SAME thing I did when I was a kid,too!) and blamed the 2 year old. I also finally tried haggis; I never had the opportunity when I WAS in Scotland, but I went to a Celtic festival and was finally able to,and I ended up LIKING it!! The 2 year old also watching the older kids falling off their bikes purposely fell over when he went on HIS bike,too, thinking that’s how you’re supposed to ,and my immobilizing headaches are back again as well, and so bad I even BARFED,and they make me so dizzy, sleepy,and wiped-out drained and exhausted,too! I almost went to the ER but ended up going to bed and napping instead; I have a trip in just over 3 weeks and I’m NOT going to miss it; whatever it is will just have to wait until I get back!  I won’t have surgery or anything before I leave! Nothing will prevent, or ruin, my trip!(and if I DO have a brain tumour it’s been here THIS long so a few more weeks won’t make any difference!!)I was “de-friended” on Facebook again too by someone I gave nothing but support to(and I never even DID anything to deserve it, either!)and it really hurts,and my friend invitation was rejected by a so-called “friend” as well. I guess they weren’t really “friends” afterall, but it’s still hurtful.I guess some things never change though; I was always rejected in school…and I still am now,too; I am now even being rejected TWICE by the SAME person! It’s been a rough week… 😦