Reversal of fortune.

I was reading in one of my missionary mags about how 100-200 years ago it was missionaries from Europe and North America that typically went over to convert and aid, Africa. Nowadays, however, the reversal seems to be true: the majority of priests coming up now are FROM Africa, while here we have a severe priest shortage and they are coming from Africa to HERE to evangelize, and to fill in the churches needing priests,and for the most part faith is sadly lacking and declining here but  emerging stronger in Africa! It’s like a reversal of fortune; the Africans needed our help(which there was a great amount of) but now we need THEIR help as now  they are the more spiritual ones, have stronger faith communities and congregations and more priests! It’s a role reversal! In our very parish, for example, we have a priest who arrived from Nigeria; they specifically called him here, to cover the shortage of priests and to assist our parish. So, in the end, I guess the missionary effort in Africa WAS a great success, so much so now they are evangalizing and helping us! They have an abundance of priests and we have so few! Isn’t it funny how God works? He would have foreseen the need and works in mysterious ways!!

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