The Liberals can, well, “pog mo’ thoin!”

Well, well, well, the corrupt power-hungry Liberal Party has done it AGAIN; threatening to topple over the minority gov’t over every little thing, every single chance they get, stopping at nothing and seizing every opportunity to force an election(that no one wants) hoping to gain power and become the next gov’t.Every time the minority gov’t tries to pass a bill they deliberatly defeat and vote against it, regardless of what it is(they refuse to even consider it!)with the intention of collapsing the gov’t and hoping they’ll win if an election is called! Luckily it backfired as the other opposition parties in the coalition(NDP and Bloc Quebecois) supported the gov’t in their latest endeavour, which the Liberals were determined right from the start to oppose, hoping to bring down the gov’t. Most likely they didn’t even necessarily DISAGREE with it, but merely want to do their usual political blackmail and try to weasel their way into power. Fortunately it didn’t work and we should be safe from the next threat of election until spring. It would serve them right, however, if they did force an election and everyone would resent them  so much for causing it they would vote against them even MORE then they did last time, making it even worse for them and disfavouring them even more,and hopefully so much so that the next time the Conservatives win a MAJORITY,,and then the Liberals would have NO say, or power, at ALL and be voted right out and NOT win ANY seats at ALL! That would certainly serve them right! Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m no “fan” of the socialist NDP or the separatist Bloc,either, but the Libs have GOT to be the most capitalist and corrupt of all the political parties,the most power-hungry,sneaky, back-stabbing,lying,and manipulative ones of all,and as they say in Ireland, they can just “Pog mo’thoin!”

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