George Orwell would be so proud!!

Socialist Nanny State I read a chilling article in the news how Boston(USA) is not only going to force its’ citizens to be vaccinated against the Swine Flu(which is bad enough!) and fine those tho refuse 1000$ a DAY and/or jail them, but now also is going to put special bracelets on all those who have been vaccinated, complete with info that is stored in a database and can be easily scanned from the street, monitoring and thus  keeping track of those who have NOT been vaccinated, so that they can gather them up and either force them to be vaccinated or arrest and detain them! Is this for REAL? How can they DO this? It sounds like George Orwell’s 1984 novel of police-state intrusion and conrol, where you must do as the gov’t tells you, and no dissention or free thought is allowed and is severely dealt with! Here comes the “Nanny-State!” dictating what you do and cannot do, think and cannot think, say and cannot say, believe and cannot believe. Everything is regulated or banned. Religious thoughts, beliefs ,speech, practices and training is being eradicated. Everything is now geared to the secular, humanist, environmental, and socialist, Culture of death,anti-family  way of thinking. People are being monitored by the authorities, forced to vaccinate their kids, intrusive Public Health officials force their way into families’ homes(at least they do here in Canada) following the birth of a child,invasive gov’t and school officials,child welfare, and social workers are imposing upon families and violating their privacy, rights,and freedoms more and more. Pretty soon we won’t have any religious freedom(or ANY freedom!) even left at all,and if we dare to disagree , protest, or refuse, they take our children away, fine us,charge us with “hate” crimes, defame us as not “Politically correct”, or throw us in jail.Now they are forcing vaccines not only on children but on everyone AND putting tracers on people so they know who to come after. CHILLING! Tolalitarianism is alive and well and we are in grave danger!