Rock on!!

The Styx and April Wine concert last night was AMAZING! It was incredible and fantastic! I can’t remember the last  time I had so much fun!! They played all of my favourite songs of theirs(eg. “Come sail away”, “Renegade”, and “Lorelei”) that I fondly remember from my childhood growing up in the 1970’s; it took me back to a happy time and almost made me feel like I was in grade 6 again! The ballads made me think of the junior high dances! I remember as a kid at the CNE seeing that they were playing at the Grandstand,and being at the outdoor concert last night reminded me of those idyllic summer nights as a kid. Of course, the smell of marijuana wafted over every now and then,but I guess it wouldn’t really be a rock concert if not,huh? 🙂 For the most part people were well behaved; I only noticed a couple of stagerring fall-down drunks,but I remember as a teen going to concerts it used to be really bad; I was at one once where they even started rioting and setting fires and throwing chairs!! They have cleaned up a lot since then!

Lawrence Gowan is now with Styx as well(I remember him from the 80’s(“Sunglasses at night”, “Criminal mind”, “Black cars,” etc..) and have heard he is an incredible stage presence and they weren’t kidding! He was amazing and they had this rotating keyboard,and he put on such a show and was interacting with the audience; he’s a real performer! At the end of the show they also had confetti shoot out over the crowd and it fell down the dark starlit night sky onto the audience below and it was just an amazing magical night I will never forget. I am so glad I went,and having April Wine as an opening act was a treat in itself; a band I always considered to be a head-liner!! 🙂 I had a GREAT time!

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