“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival created by www.mckmama.com

I didn’t…..think to myself,”What a LOSER!” at a rock concert upon seeing a staggering falling-down drunk….

I didn’t….enjoy a quiet and peaceful day at home alone while the kids were at a picnic…..and relish in it….

I didn’t….think, “What a b*tch!” when someone(I thought was a friend!) I gave nothing but support to suddenly,and without reason, deleted me as a “friend” on Facebook….

I didn’t….consider getting rid of the dog(even though I don’t really want to) tired of it always chewing on things and ruining everything….

I don’t….enjoy my family and home life a lot more now my haughty snotty-attitude daughter is no longer here at home but away at university and the household is alot more peaceful and less stress with her gone….

I didn’t…feel like blurting out “What are YOU looking at?” when a lady in church kept gawking at my hair….

I don’t….keep posting on a site I don’t even really like anymore just because doing so increases traffic to my own blog….