Our war against cancer.

Our son’s app’t went well! His blood-counts have dropped down a slight bit lower than last time but still within normal range. Now, the app’ts will be spaced to every 6 mos. instead of every 2 mos. until he has safely passed the 5 year mark,and then it will be yearly for life! I am always so apprehensive and worried awaiting the results, fearful it could show at any time the cancer’s back,and it’s always such a deep relief when everything comes back normal! Thanks be to God! It was 4 years ago he was diagnosed,and 2 years since he ended chemo, but the possibility of relapse IS always there; like a dark black cloud always hanging over us. I try NOT to dwell on the possibility or think about it too much, as I can’t even go there; going thru it once was hard enough; I can’t even IMAGINE it again.They were pushing for psychological and educational evaluations again as well which we declined; we find it too intrusive.We homeschool, so we KNOW how he’s doing academically,anyway.He’s growing well, too; since the last app’t he has gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches; he’s now 5 feet tall and 88 pounds; not bad for an 11 year old,huh, esp. one who battled leukemia,yet I still can’t shake this gnawing,nagging,sinking fear the cancer WILL come back,though;either creep in slowly, or hit us full-force when we least expect it; it’s always hanging there, hovering over me, in the back of my mind,but I hope and pray he’s of the 75% that DO survive and where it doesn’t return,but you never know; that’s the hardest part, but God will never forsake us and He carries us thru our darkest and most uncertain and perilous moments.

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