Facebook “friends”.

I am still having fun on Facebook, joining various groups and causes, taking fun quizzes,and putting fun things on my profile page. I have also re-connected with a few more “old” friends and have even made a few newones; fellow like-minded Christians and homeschoolers. I have been deleted by someone I gave nothing but support to(her child has cancer,too) for no reason,too, which hurt.Now, on top of that, a fellow Christian de-friended me now as well, I presume for using the word “fart”(even though it was in a funny context) as she was still there beforehand and then shortly after suddenly she’d blocked me! I just can’t seem to “win” either way; I get deleted by “worldly” people due to my strong Christian values and morals…but I also even get blocked by other Christians too, I guess for being too “edgy”; I don’t really fit in or belong ANYWHERE.(my mother says it’s because I am in the middle”; in-between both,and a bit of each; like a bi-racial person; some of each but rejected by both!)I guess I have a love-hate relationship with it; I enjoy getting back in touch with people, but it’s hurtful at the same time too when people refuse my friend request, or even worse, remove me as a friend.It just goes to show that you can’t please everybody,and people in the online world seem to be very “fickle”(you make one mistake or say something they don’t like and they’re quick to “drop” you) perhaps they don’t realize that there really ARE other people on the other end reading it, real people with real feelings, that they are so quick to dismiss and discard on the slightest whim?Perhaps we should ALL think twice what we write and consider the person on the other end that’s reading it,and their feelings and not be so harsh.

Stepping into fall.

It is now officially fall. It’s one of my favourite seasons; I like the brisk, crisp, cool air, the fresh chilly wind,the beauty of the coloured leaves(I esp. love the maples that turn orange!) I have fond childhood memories of jumping in leaf piles,and even now as an adult I still enjoy it except for the fact that school goes back then! 🙂 ) The landscape is just so beautiful and an example of God’s awesome creation. It is only tainted by the pagan/occult celebration of Halloween, but other than that it is a season I truly love and enjoy, and definitely the most beautiful of all the seasons!