The Police-state has only just begun!!

I have read more disturbing things about forced vaccinations in the American state of  Massachusetts: not only are they fining people 1000$ a day and jailing them if they refuse the swine flu vaccine, now they are trying to enact a law that bypasses the constitution and declare a “state of emergency” which gives police the right(without  a warrant, mind you!) to enter citizen’s home and force them to be vaccinated,and remove their children and vaccinate them as well, despite their objections,and to round up and quarantine in detainment camps those who refuse! Hitler’s Nazi politics and dictatorship powers are alive and well, even some 60 years later!! This is scary and wrong  on so many levels! Freedoms are being steamrolled over and discarded.

As well, another horrifying thing: I read an article where one of US Prez Obama’s “top people” is trying to allow forced abortions and sterilizations as well, limiting the number of kids people have,, in the name of “emergency” and said global warming is an example of that! What is this, communist China? Population control and genetics go against God’s natural laws and is a sin against Him and against humanity. School children are also being coached to sing praises of their president in a communist style cult-of-personality dictator worship, and here in Canada they’re trying to make euthanasia(killing of the ill, infirm, old, or disabled) legal as well. There is NO respect or value for life, family, faith, or freedom anymore,and ever-increasingly powerful “strongman” gov’t tactics are oppressing, coercing and silencing us more and more.This is truly chilling!

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