The tugboats of life.

It always sort of amazes me when I am on a cruise ship to see the tiny little tugboats that direct,steer,and guide the massive ships into the harbour; that such a gigantic ship needs,and relies on, the help of something much smaller; that the mighty ship can’t do it on it’s own, despite it’s size; it needs the help of one much smaller. I find this amusing, and so true to life as well:the mighty and the powerful often need the assistance of others, others that may seem to be “small” or “inferior” in some way, but are, in fact, essential and very important.Just because you are “small” doesn’t mean you don’t matter; that others don’t need you; that you haven’t got an important role to play. In life, sometimes we are the grand ships that need the guidance of the tiny tugboat,and other times we are the small tugboat that is required to help steer and guide others even “bigger” than us,and to God each individual has value, worth,importance, and purpose, big or small!

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