Wilson the wild!

I just don’t know what’s gotten into Wilson! All day he has had a MAJOR attitude problem; growling at everyone, and for no reason! He growled at us and was aggressive and nasty and we have no idea why! Is he just having a bad day, or what? What would cause a normally gentle dog to just “turn” like that? The sad thing is, if it keeps up and becomes a habit(as opposed to just the one day) we seriously have to consider getting rid of him(even though I don’t want to!) as we just can’t have him growling at us(which is usually followed by biting) esp. with the kids; we won’t have any other choice unless he smartens up; we won’t put up with that! I hope it’s nothing serious though, like that he caught rabies(from a raccoon, skunk,etc..) or something! I know with rabies they turn fierce! It’s puzzling to say the least, and concerning as well, and I sure hope it’s nothing but it worries me..why would he suddenly change like that and his entire personality just turn on us like that? What could it possibly BE?

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