“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on our daily lives:

Our son’s oncologist app’t went well last week; his blood-counts were down a slight bit from last time yet still within normal range and now he goes every 6 months(instead of every 2 mos.) until reached the 5-year mark! Our oldest also saw the eye specialist and he has a scratched cornea and got eye drops,and just today the 10 year old fell off her bike and hurt her wrist, but I hope it’s not broken(like her brother broke HIS arm on the trampoline a few years ago!) esp. as we’re going on our Caribbean trip soon; leaving for the overnight airport  hotel on the 10th and getting an early morning flight on the 11th and the trip is mainly in WATER; at the beach, swimming, sailing,snorkelling…my hubby won’t be coming this time though; he’ll be staying at home! One of the kids also had his e-mail account hacked and sent me a virus thru an e-mail that had his name on it(but it wasn’t really; he had no idea!),and the 2 year old peed on the floor as well,and Wilson turned “vicious” for the past 2 days and keeps growling at everyone and I now wonder is pent-up sexual “frustration” now he’s almost an “adult?” I have heard it can cause male dogs to “turn” aggressive? Who knows? 😦