The Police-state has only just begun!!

I have read more disturbing things about forced vaccinations in the American state of  Massachusetts: not only are they fining people 1000$ a day and jailing them if they refuse the swine flu vaccine, now they are trying to enact a law that bypasses the constitution and declare a “state of emergency” which gives police the right(without  a warrant, mind you!) to enter citizen’s home and force them to be vaccinated,and remove their children and vaccinate them as well, despite their objections,and to round up and quarantine in detainment camps those who refuse! Hitler’s Nazi politics and dictatorship powers are alive and well, even some 60 years later!! This is scary and wrong  on so many levels! Freedoms are being steamrolled over and discarded.

As well, another horrifying thing: I read an article where one of US Prez Obama’s “top people” is trying to allow forced abortions and sterilizations as well, limiting the number of kids people have,, in the name of “emergency” and said global warming is an example of that! What is this, communist China? Population control and genetics go against God’s natural laws and is a sin against Him and against humanity. School children are also being coached to sing praises of their president in a communist style cult-of-personality dictator worship, and here in Canada they’re trying to make euthanasia(killing of the ill, infirm, old, or disabled) legal as well. There is NO respect or value for life, family, faith, or freedom anymore,and ever-increasingly powerful “strongman” gov’t tactics are oppressing, coercing and silencing us more and more.This is truly chilling!

Friday Fill-ins.

And…here we go!

1. My car   has a personal relationship with the auto-body shop!_____.

2. The latest emotional breakdown  ___________ is coming up next.

3. Lately, things seem   hopelessly bleak…___________.

4. _Soaking in a nice hot bath  __________ is one of my favorite ‘hiding’ places.

5. What happened     in the past affects our future___________.

6. _With God, anything  __________ is not impossible!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to cutting my hair   _____, tomorrow my plans include  watching a movie  _____ and Sunday, I want to    donate to the foodbank at Church._____!

Facebook “friends”.

I am still having fun on Facebook, joining various groups and causes, taking fun quizzes,and putting fun things on my profile page. I have also re-connected with a few more “old” friends and have even made a few newones; fellow like-minded Christians and homeschoolers. I have been deleted by someone I gave nothing but support to(her child has cancer,too) for no reason,too, which hurt.Now, on top of that, a fellow Christian de-friended me now as well, I presume for using the word “fart”(even though it was in a funny context) as she was still there beforehand and then shortly after suddenly she’d blocked me! I just can’t seem to “win” either way; I get deleted by “worldly” people due to my strong Christian values and morals…but I also even get blocked by other Christians too, I guess for being too “edgy”; I don’t really fit in or belong ANYWHERE.(my mother says it’s because I am in the middle”; in-between both,and a bit of each; like a bi-racial person; some of each but rejected by both!)I guess I have a love-hate relationship with it; I enjoy getting back in touch with people, but it’s hurtful at the same time too when people refuse my friend request, or even worse, remove me as a friend.It just goes to show that you can’t please everybody,and people in the online world seem to be very “fickle”(you make one mistake or say something they don’t like and they’re quick to “drop” you) perhaps they don’t realize that there really ARE other people on the other end reading it, real people with real feelings, that they are so quick to dismiss and discard on the slightest whim?Perhaps we should ALL think twice what we write and consider the person on the other end that’s reading it,and their feelings and not be so harsh.

Stepping into fall.

It is now officially fall. It’s one of my favourite seasons; I like the brisk, crisp, cool air, the fresh chilly wind,the beauty of the coloured leaves(I esp. love the maples that turn orange!) I have fond childhood memories of jumping in leaf piles,and even now as an adult I still enjoy it except for the fact that school goes back then! 🙂 ) The landscape is just so beautiful and an example of God’s awesome creation. It is only tainted by the pagan/occult celebration of Halloween, but other than that it is a season I truly love and enjoy, and definitely the most beautiful of all the seasons!

Please pray!

Can you please join me in praying for a family in need? They have been thru so much and the new mother has just suddenly and unexpectantly died. She was going thru chemo for breast cancer while pregnant and also had bleeding problems with the pregnancy on top of that,and delivered a baby by emergency C-section and all seemed well….until a couple of days ater when she started suffereing horrible headaches and vomiting….which progressed to a massive seizure,and ended up with her on a ventilator and life-support,and was just declared brain-dead yesterday. This is so tragic and so sad. It would appear she perhaps suffered a blot clot form the surgery,causing a stroke.Please pray for this hurting family; for her soul,and for the devastated husband and young family she has left behind, incl. a 2 week old baby who will grow up never knowing her mother.This is heartbreaking. Please remember them in your prayers.

Our war against cancer.

Our son’s app’t went well! His blood-counts have dropped down a slight bit lower than last time but still within normal range. Now, the app’ts will be spaced to every 6 mos. instead of every 2 mos. until he has safely passed the 5 year mark,and then it will be yearly for life! I am always so apprehensive and worried awaiting the results, fearful it could show at any time the cancer’s back,and it’s always such a deep relief when everything comes back normal! Thanks be to God! It was 4 years ago he was diagnosed,and 2 years since he ended chemo, but the possibility of relapse IS always there; like a dark black cloud always hanging over us. I try NOT to dwell on the possibility or think about it too much, as I can’t even go there; going thru it once was hard enough; I can’t even IMAGINE it again.They were pushing for psychological and educational evaluations again as well which we declined; we find it too intrusive.We homeschool, so we KNOW how he’s doing academically,anyway.He’s growing well, too; since the last app’t he has gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches; he’s now 5 feet tall and 88 pounds; not bad for an 11 year old,huh, esp. one who battled leukemia,yet I still can’t shake this gnawing,nagging,sinking fear the cancer WILL come back,though;either creep in slowly, or hit us full-force when we least expect it; it’s always hanging there, hovering over me, in the back of my mind,but I hope and pray he’s of the 75% that DO survive and where it doesn’t return,but you never know; that’s the hardest part, but God will never forsake us and He carries us thru our darkest and most uncertain and perilous moments.