Our trip to the ER.

The 10 year old fell off her bike and hurt her wrist.At first it seemed ok and even feeling a bit better,but then later on as time passed it came back and felt worse; she couldn’t make a fist anymore and screamed in pain trying to bend it upwards, so we went to the ER for an X-ray in case it’s broken.(Her brother broke HIS arm on the trampoline 5 years ago!) and so they took the X-ray which didn’t SHOW a fracture, but the doc said it often doesn’t in that location esp. if a small break;she THINKS it’s just sprained, but as a precaution casted it anyway( half a cast with a tensor bandage) and go back next Friday(just a day BEFORE we leave for our trip!!) for another X-ray. They said if it does have a small fracture it will show calcium deposits growing there(as it heals; filling in the crack) and then they will re-cast it premanantly for 6 weeks or so, but if it’s not there, it’s a sprain and they’ll remove the mini cast. Either way, even if she does end up needing a full cast we’ll get a “fiberglas” one so she can still swim on the trip as this trip’s ALL about water; swimming, at the beach, snorkelling,sailing,etc…poor kid, though, regardless if it’s a sprain or a break it still hurts either way. This is her first time AT the hospital though, except for whenshe was born,that is! 🙂