Olympics in Rio.

I’m not one who follows sports,and,in fact, couldn’t care LESS about sports, but I have heard about the Olympic bid on the news, between Rio, Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid. I laughed when I heard Chicago was in the bidding; hardly seems to me to be an “Olympic” town; I see it more as a business place,and the fact that the US President WENT to Denmark to plead for it to be chosen just strikes me as the height of arrogance! I can see each bidding nation would send an olympic  envoy representing the country to the Olympic Committee….but they DON’T send their PRESIDENT!!! Who does Obama think he IS? Does he think by tyring to convince them it’ll do the trick? I’d think it would turn them off more than anything with his gall, arrogance and political intimidation! I think it’s a joke Chicago even tried, and see the other contenders as more “Olympic” towns; just more exotic and Rio is a good choice; they have good weather, it has never been held in South America before( a fact I never even realized!) and as a poorer  nation Brazil could really use the income the Olympics will bring. I figured it would either be them or Madrid. I think they made the right choice and am happy for them and it also puts arrogant Obama(and Oprah!) in his place; the rest of the world does NOT cater to the USA and their pressure and demands!

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