“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival created at http://www.mckmama.com

I didn’t….get irked arriving in Church finding someone else sitting in our regular seats….

I don’t….get driven crazy when someone keeps saying the word “trauma” as “tro-ma” and shriek in frustration,”NO one SAYS it like that!!”(and she replied, “Then THEY’RE all WRONG!!”)….

I didn’t…pick up a piece of meat that fell  on the floor and give it to the 2 year old(10 second rule!) as he’d never know the difference, or care,anyway…..

I didn’t….tell my constantly forgetful husband,”You’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached to a loser!”….

I didn’t….seriously come close to getting rid of the dog; tired of it growling and being destructive….

I didn’t….call an actor I find effeminate a “pansy”…..

I didn’t….swear at the PVR when it kept screwing-up recording my TV shows I have set to record when we’re away next week….

I didn’t….feel hurt and angry at a cousin for admonishing and criticizing me for having compassion for someone in prison….