What a PAIN!!

For the past 2 days I’ve had piercing, stabbing bad pelvic pain; it feels like my guts are all being twisted,and I’m bloated and crampy as well but I know I’m NOT prego and “Aunt Flow” isn’t due for another 2 weeks,so it is very puzzling. The pain’s so bad I break out into a sweat with it and it kept waking me up last night. I wonder what it could be? Could I possibly even have ovarian CANCER or something? Regardless, we leave for our trip in just 4 more days and NOTHING will stop me from going, so whatever it is will just have to wait! Can you also please pray for Chris Klicka? He’s one of HSLDA’s top homeschool advocates and he’s close to death. He has a wife and 7 kids.

Another type of pain: as you may know, our son had leukemia.I got a cruel message from someone making FUN of people with cancer,and saying they “don’t want false friendships with parents of dying kids!” I mean, how mean is THAT? What kind of person makes fun of people who have cancer? There’s NOTHING “funny” about cancer at ALL! He obviously has never known anyone who’s had it !!How can some people BE so heartless and mean?(there are some things you just don’t joke about!) What’s WRONG with some people?It was very hurtful.

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