We’re back from the Caribbean,mon!

We got back from our caribbean trip late Sunday night.We had fun and the weather was nice; between 29-33 degrees C! The airlines are now charging to check-in luggage now though(which we never knew or had before) so it cost us 200$ both ways! We went on tours, on a sailboat,snorkelled,and swam in the sea and spent time a the beach. We saw a NAKED man swimming and iguanas on the shore sunning on rocks.I got covered in sand and sea salt all over; in my hair,my skin,and even in my butt-crack!We saw wild goats and chickens, and our bus broke down and we had to get out and wait in the heat for another one.

We also had coconut slushies and banana ice-cream,and I bought a funny hat with dreadlocks attached to it! Snorkelling we were in 35 feet water that quickly dropped off to 7000 feet and saw many coral and fish,and cracked up laughing to hear a fish named “Slippery DICK!” This was also the only trip we have ever taken that was the same time zone as us(and NOT 6 hours behind, or 7 hours ahead, for example) so for once we weren’t tired and jet-lagged! The ship had over 3000 passengers but I dubbed it the “Loser Booze Cruise” due to so MANY losers on board(NOT the typical cultured rich people we’re used to on the other cruises we took!) smoking, drinking, gambling, sports on the pool side TV screen, country music night, Line-dancing, BINGO,etc..they even had “Casino Night” for the onboard kids’ activities we didn’t allow the kids to attend as it’s not appropriate!

On the islands I saw many signs praising the Lord as well; on buildings and cars; they really love Jesus over there which was nice to see! I also lost my balance(I have long suspected I have a brain tumor) and fell off the sailboat and into the water and got soaking wet,completely ruining the camera (I had around my neck) and  was shattered we lost all our photos(this was on the 2nd last day of the trip) but luckily once the memory card dried it was ok, thank God, and the photos were ok!The 2 youngest kids really missed me; the youngest woke up at night crying for me(he’s 2 years old)wailing,”Mimi gone!” and someone had to keep phoning him and talking to him pretending to be me so he’d fall asleep,and the 6 year old was crying for me and my husband e-mailed me she looked like a moping lost,forlorn soul! On the way back in Florida we went for an airboat ride on the Everglades and saw alligators,and as I was walking a bird swooped down and snatched a chip right out of my hand, the cheeky little bugger!

So we had a nice time and the weather was great, but I now wonder what bad thing will happen to the Eastern Caribbean now we’ve left; something bad always seems to happen to places shortly after we’ve been there; it;s like we leave a curse of bad luck behind or something, so I wonder what disaster will befall it this time? A hurricane or bad tropical storm? Hmmm..