“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on what we’ve been up to….

We returned from our trip to the Eastern Caribbean and had a lot of fun, except now I have a raging yeast infection(I get them alot) from spending so much time in a wet bathing suit,and most of the kids have colds now as well and 3 of them napped today!On the way home the airport driver almost hit a deer as well; it darted out in front of us and we stopped quickly and it stood there momentarily, blinking at us in stunned bewilderment and then it ran off into the forest! I also trimmed Wilson and had more fur on ME than he has on HIM,and I spent Monday  as a catch-up day recovering and adjusting back into our routine after our trip and getting caught up on laundry, groceries, baths, haircuts, mail, e-mail, TV shows, etc.. and other stuff we missed and that had piled up while we were away and yesterdaywas our first day back to school since we got back on Sunday.I read a good book on the plane called “Angela’s Ashes” and am now looking forward to reading the sequel,and they’re starting up a new youth group at church now as well and I found out one of the priests is ALSO a lawyer!While we were away 2 of our kids had birthdays  as well(2 days apart) the oldest who turned 20 and the 5th who turned 15! 🙂