Neighbourhood 9-1-1

We had an adventure on our street yesterday: I was sitting out in the backyard and heard the familiar wail of fire trucks and remarked to the kids they sounded really close…and then it stopped and I said,”It sounds like it’s right in front of our house!” so we raced around to the front to see and sure enough there they were: 2 firetrucks and an ambulance at a house right across the street! Then 2 trucks with green lights on the top showed up and people went inside the house,but no hoses were attached up so I figured it wasn’t a fire,but not a false alarm either as they were still inside and didn’t quickly leave, so I figured must either be a heart-attack or carbon monoxide….as it turned out, an old man had died and they were trying to bring him “back” but failed. Poor guy.Awhile later they all left and the police arrived.We went back inside; I didn’t want to hang around and see them take the body out; that’s just too morbid! There were many curious onlookers on the street, standing around gawking, wondering what was going on and one guy even took a photo! Seeing the firetrucks brought back scary memories of when WE had OUR fire 13 years ago and barely made it out alive,and lost half the house,spending 10 weeks in a motel while it was being rebuilt. In just a matter of minutes time stood still and our lives were changed in an instant. I suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for 9 months after as well it was so terrifying!