Swine Flu hysteria is unnerving me!

I am getting REALLY freaked-out and scared about Swine Flu now I heard over the past 2 days 2 previously healthy kids have DIED of it; just had fever and flu symptoms and collapsed and then died the next day! Before, it had only been kids who had other underlying medical conditions that died of it, but now even HEALTHY ones are suddenly dropping dead from it,too,and this terrifies the HELL out of me and I worry about the safety of my OWN kids! Will it be like in the 1800’s where people lose all their kids to disease? It’s unreal; like a Third World country, or somehting! I am equally scared of the vaccines and don’t trust them,either; with the thimerosol(mercury) that may cause autism, and the squalene adjuvant(they also use to sterilize domestic animals) and the danger of it causing cancer, neurological disorders or paralysis, and they can also use human diploid cells from slaughtered aborted babies! This is really scary stuff,and all we can do is try our best to protect ourselves! We pray to be protected from the Swine Flu, wash our hands a lot,and from now on avoid public areas and crowds of people(limiting exposure) as much as possible; only venture out a couple of times a week shortly(2-3 hours a week) for Church and Cubs or Cadets, but not excessively; no more allowing the kids to tag along to the store, or go to camp, or anything where they would be exposed in a group setting with large numbers of people for a long period of time. This is really shaking me up and I am so afraid the kids will come down with it and die! I am terrified to death!!It’s best to stay home and avoid exposure!