My husband is a tool!!

My husband spent his birthday watching white-trash garbage on TV.This “tendency” of his drives me nuts, annoys and angers me to no end and makes me fed-up and bummed-out. I HATE it he likes wrestling, darts, pool, hockey,UFC,country music,and the like.If I had any hair to pull out I would have long ago. He also infuriated me yesterday hassling me about the dog, and had the sheer nerve to accuse me of NOT training it! Excuse me?? I trained it to respond to his name, to come when he’s called, to sit quietly and wait while we eat and not mooch or beg, to stand up and twirl and “dance” on his hind legs for a treat,and,for the most part, to do his ‘business” on the paper. I was just SO offended and insulted! Since when does HE care,anyway? He also makes these snide remarks how he hates the dog and it’s “useless” and every time it does somehting wrong(pees on the floor or chews the carpet) is quick to suggest to “get rid of it”,etc.. he has become very irksome and tiresome lately and I have had enough. Now when I called him a “tool” in exasperation he chirps,”Yeah! You said I’m made of steel!” I can just never win”.On top of that one of the kids drew her name in marker on the diningroom table tablecloth,and another smashed 8 eggs on the kitchen floor,one locked another in the bathroom and turned off the  light and scared her just to be mean,and the others are fighting and quarelling and driving me nuts. I feel so drained emotionally and  let’s just say he’s lucky the Church does’t consider divorce an option! I feel such darkness in my head and he irritates me to no end; he’s such a dink,and the fact I’ve spend half my LIFE with him(21 years!) seriously depresses me. 😦

To add to my dour mood,Swine Flu terrifies me to no end, and  someone at church e-mailed me and said she read my blog and that Hallowe’en is actually a CHRISTIAN holiday and should be celebrated by all Christians as such….nevermind the fact that God says to avoid everything connected to the occult,but  I also  got an encouraging comment on my blog as well by someone else saying she agrees the churches shouldn’t be encouraging it either and glad I stand up for what’s right. Now my hubby says we should leave the Church altogether since it’s heading towards apostacy anyway. I am seriously crashing and burning,and gasping for air here, grasping on by my fingernails.I need some cheering up and some light in my life…I need God even more today than ever!

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