‘Tis Frank McCourt!

I have just finished reading 2 of author Frank McCourt’s novels. I read “Angela’s Ashes” on the plane on our trip,and just finished it’s sequel “‘Tis”. I really enjoyed them as they were fascinating memoirs of his impoverished childhood growing up in Ireland during the Depression and following years and continue on where he immigrates to New York at age 19 and finally becomes a teacher. The grinding poverty of his childhood and youth is heartbreakingly sad and the loss of 3 of his siblings in infancy,abject poverty and despair, his deadbeat drunken father who abandons his family breaks your heart, his mother’s  exploitation,etc..but the kindness of people in times of need is heart warming,and the experiences with the Catholic Church I can relate to. He has humour and wit in his memoirs, that make me laugh as well as several memorable and clever quotes. I really enjoyed reading his works and also learned he died just 3 months ago in July. It was sad though how the povery and shame and circumstances  of his upbringing damaged his adulthood and ability for happiness and security; such as drinking and having 3 marriages. It was a good read and I couldn’t put the books down!

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