Swine Flu pandemonium!

Here they are giving out the Swine Flu vaccines and it has become utter pandemonium! I see on the news reports there are 2500 people waiting in single  line-ups(at each location) that stretch for blocks long, waiting 3 hours or more to scramble in place to get a shot….many being turned away, running out of vaccines,shutting down the clinics, riots, police keeping watch, etc.. it is sheer madness! They have started doing high-risk cases(pregnant women, babies and people with medical issues) but others aren’t waiting their turn and it has just become insane; people hysterical and panicky and out of control wild! It’s insane!

On the other hand, many people are like us,are unsure of the vaccine and instead preferring to try and lessen risk of exposure by not venturing out into public crowds and staying home more and I have noticed now everywhere in public there is HALF the amount of people there used to be; at church, the stores, the kids’ activities, walking out in the street, etc.. people are avoiding crowds and large groups;no matter what “side” you take in this epidemic(made worse by fear mongering and scare tactics by the media., gov’t and health units; scaring people senseless and causing panic, fear and chaos!) whether you get the vaccine or not, there is certainly wide-spread fear and caution,and people are avoiding crowds!

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