“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on what we’ve been doing lately:

All of the kids have been sick(fever, cough,sore throat,runny nose,headache,muscle/body aches,fatigue, loss of appetite) which may either be just a cold or Swine Flu(symptoms are so similar) but have recovered either way. My son away at school also said he and his friends wear shirts that say “I have Swine Flu!” on them and wear them on the Metro and loudly say how they have Swine Flu and cough and sneeze and then laugh hysterically to watch people give them horrified looks and move away from them!He has also finished his 2 weeks of mid-terms. The 2 year old is his usual into trouble self; hanging the phone up off the hook, pouring juice all over the floor, running the water cooler water into a huge puddle onto the floor,poured crumbs on the dog,left the kitchen tap running, moves a chair up to the cupboard and climbs up to get what he wants,etc.. The kids said they have a video game as well where a character “goes up your butt”, and the next-door neighbours were shooting the leaves off the trees with paintball guns! I also got into an argument with someone at the youth group over Hallowe’en and  I was vindicated shortly after when the Vatican released an official statement that it is indeed “occult and anti-Christian!”I have also had more dark moments and darkness in my head, spiritual struggles, a crisis of faith and dark nights of the soul, mainly due to apostacy, even in the Church,and my husband devaluing and dismissing whatever I think .I feel so life-beaten!!