“Not me!” Monday.

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I didn’t… shave my head completely, totally shiny bald just for the heck of it…

I didn’t…gloat happily with satisfaction and victory to hear an enemy is severely dis-armed and on the brink of financial bankruptcy; that they’re going down…

I didn’t….think it serves the hypocrites right when the Humane Society was charged with animal cruelty and going to be brought down…

I didn’t…feel hurt(and tempted to delete) a Facebook “friend” who, when we had a disagreement, now no longer replies to my posts and purposely makes a point of still sending “gifts”(and even more so  than usual) to everyone else EXCEPT me…

I don’t…secretly hope a “toxic” relative(who always causes fights and family discord,conflict,and strife) will get snowed-in or something and NOT able to come up and visit us for 2 weeks over Christmas,afterall…

I don’t…feel afraid to have another baby, fearful it will be like the 2 year old,who makes Dennis the Menace look like an angel….

I didn’t…use a few “choice” words when a wire hook from the Christmas tree ornament went thru my thumb…

I didn’t…get into an argument with my mother when she criticized us for going to Church on Sunday instead of the Santa Claus Parade..

I didn’t…get furious at my husband when he got the wrong thing from the store(like he often DOES!)  and then blamed ME when I got mad, even though it was his OWN stupid fault….

I didn’t…think, “There they go AGAIN!” seeing someone so arrogant they think people are so interested in them and their lives and want to meet them and watch them on TV,etc, having an inflated ego and sense of “fame” and  importance…


Prayer to Saint Paul.

Saint Paul, who taught others the saving message of Christ,intercede for us,that we may live by faith,exercise Christian hope,and that charity alone reign in us. Obtain for us docile correspondance to God’s grace so that it may bear fruit in our lives. Grant that we may better know,love, and imitate your love for Jesus,our Master,and in your dedication to proclaiming the Gospel of salvation; that we may be living members of the Church,the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ; and that all people may know and glorify God. Amen.    -by Blessed James Alberione.

We got our Christmas tree!

We got our Christmas tree, a 7 foot Fraser Fir! It looks really nice and has such a nice fragrant smell! Nothing beats the smell of a real tree(when I was a kid we always had an artifical one and I’d spray pine scented air freshener on it but it’s not the same!) The kids had fun decorating it but my mean hubby hid the star just to freak everyone out, to watch us all scramble around in a panic looking for it(he’s mean that way!) and  a wire hook went thru my thumb(and it was really bleeding so now I have a bandage on it but it makes it hard to type now!!) and as tradition, I moved the tacky ornaments to the back of the tree(and the kids move them to the front to torment me and I move them back again) and I make a hanging plant thingy with the sprigs we had left over when the bottom of the tree was trimmed down to fit in the stand!Our son away at school asked if we hung the tree upside-down,too(which of course we didn’t; that’s weird!) and my hubby put a weird hat on top of it while we were busy looking for the star! It looks really nice and we have to enjoy for 5 weeks! 🙂

Advent officially starts on Sunday as well; the 4 week countdown until Christmas and for Catholics also a special time to prepare our hearts and our homes for Jesus! We clean ourselves spiritually as we wait for His arrival,and we  have the Advent wreath and the kids have calenders with chocolates as well and we will all do Confessions,too!JESUS is the reason for the season!!

Friday Fill-ins.

1. Plans and schedules   rarely go as planned _______ .

2. I’m happy when things   work out and go my way,as they rarely do! _______ .

3. The last thing I drank was    Diet Pepsi _______ .

4. One of the most valuable things in my life is   my family and my faith. _______ .

5. I like   mushrooms and green peppers   _______ on my pizza.

6. Dear November,    when are you going to snow? _______ .

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to   getting our Christmas tree      _____, tomorrow my plans include     relaxing at home.. _____ and Sunday, I want to  start Advent _____!

Wilson is almost an adult!

This is an actual real photo of Wilson! In 2 more months he will be a year old. I am letting his hair grow longer for winter to keep him warm, although not long and flowing to the ground; just not clipped as short as in summer. He has grown much bigger and runs around the house now although still has accidents, such as today on the carpet, and he has an attitude too; when we scold him and put him in the crate he’ll growl at us! He talks back and mouths-off just like the kids! For Christmas I even got him a stocking full of dog treats: a ball. chew toy, squeaky toy,etc.

“Ketchup” post.

“Ketchup” post; catching up on our lives:

The 15 year old’s English assignment was to correct improper grammar(eg, “Him and me aint got nothing”) he called translating “Redneck” language,and the 10 year old trying to make different forms of the word “sweet” made up a new word: “sweeting” and the 2 year old tracing his letters squealed, ” ‘Das PERFECT!” When I cut his hair he also looked in the  mirror and exclaimed,”Lookin’ good! Look sharp for(the)ladies!” and he poked the 8 year old in the stomach with a big stick as well, threw a shoe at the 6 year old’s mouth and split her lip open AND took a big bite out of her,too! He’s so BAD! Our oldest away at school also said there was a big riot in the street, my hubby went to a Red Cross CPR First Aid course over the weekend, we went to a Blues concert,and on Friday we’ll be getting our Christmas tree, and some of the kids had a “Nerd Day” where they dressed up as nerds and I took photos! It has been an interesting time!

I have a chrome dome!!

Well,I finally did it! I already had barely-there-hair anyway( a buzz-cut) and decided to shave it ALL off  just for the heck of it, always wanting to know what it feels like, so I figured why not? In any case, it’s a lot harder than it looks and I ended up getting all these little cuts all over my head that really stings!(yes, I did use lots of shaving cream,and a straight razor, but I’m new at this; I’m used to shaving my legs but not my HEAD!!) and now it feels all rubbery like a Beluga whale! My family of course now think I have totally lost my mind, but within a week I bet the buzz-cut length would have already grown back in; I have to shave it twice  a week(I use the electric hair clipper/shaver) to maintain the style! It feels so COLD with no hair at all though, and so naked, but I think it’s sort of funny(and “cool”) too and glad I had the “courage” to do it! You only live once! NO REGRETS!! 🙂

“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival sent ’round to http://www.mckmama.com

I didn’t…remark about a smelly person sitting in front of me at a Blues concert, “Something smells like ASS!”….

I wasn’t….tempted to bite the 2 year old back when he bit the 6 year old, biting out a huge chunk of her back….

I didn’t….shriek in anger and frustration to discover all my 3 TV shows are not on; replaced by totally lame-o stupid shows instead….

I don’t…feel “bummed-out” that our daughter away at school(who has major attitude and tears the family apart and always causes arguments) will be coming home for 2 weeks over the holidays; effectively ruining my Christmas as I KNOW she will be the cause of many fights…

I didn’t…refuse to turn on our outdoor Christmas lights until I saw other neighbours did; not wanting to be the first one…

I didn’t…secretly enjoy the quiet over the weekend when my husband was away taking a first aid course…


She hasn’t had a bite all day…so I bit her!!

The 2 year old BIT a chunk out of the 6 year old! He just leaned over and took a big bite out of her for no reason! She jumped about 3 feet in the air and screamed bloody murder,and when I checked it was a big bite on her back; broken thru the skin, had puncture marks, a skin flap hanging,and red! He really hurt her! I washed it off and disinfected it, so hopefully it won’t become infected! A friend of mine said when he was 6 his 3 year old brother bit him on the leg and he ended up in the hospital for 3 months! The poor kid! I swear the 2 year old is so mean! He’s more trouble than all the other kids all put together! None of the others were EVER that mean or that bad! Our oldest refers to him as “Satan’s Spawn!”God knew what He was doing saving him for LAST!!