A “Black cloud” kind of day!

Today is a “Black Cloud” kind of day. One of those days you wonder why you even bother. First of all Wilson refused to come out of his overnight crate and go outside this morning when I got up and when I reached into the cage to get him he growled at me and tried to bite me! I grabbed him by the scruff and tossed him out regardless(the dog has to learn the master is dominant to him,anyway!), but he kept snarling at me the entire time! As well as that my hubby and 3 of the kids were out on the front veranda and never noticed the 2 year old wander off and he was almost on the ROAD…luckily I came out right at that moment and saw him; no one noticed and he would have been on the road and hit by a car had I not come out when I did,and the thought of what would have happened to him terrifies me! I’m furious at them too being so careless!

To top it all off, my hubby ridicules me for wanting the kids to avoid public crowds and large groups to lessen risk of exposure to Swine Flu(which is at it’s PEAK now) as a little caution goes a long way and no use “asking” for trouble. He mocks I’m making the kids” stay housebound “all winter and am “paranoid” and “over-reacting”, etc.. but I don’t care! Insult me all he wants but the kids’ safety is my main priority and whatever I have to do to ensure it I will and if they have to be indoors all winter to not get Swine Flu then so be it! My cousin almost died of it and he’s NOT “high-risk” so statistically it shouldn’t have happened but you never know who it will hit the worst, so why take any chances? The best prevention is to try and avoid exposure(and wash your hands), and that means wherever there are large groups of people! He jeers I’m “giving in to the indoctrination and fear-mongering” etc. but to me it’s just common sense to do what we can to lessen the risk and it’s not worth the kids in the ICU on ventilators or even dead just so they can go to Cub camp! It’s just not worth the risk and it’s my job to keep them safe and if he thinks it’s stupid, well, TOO BAD!! In summer once the danger has passed they can go wherever and to all the events and activities and public places they want!