Swine Flu: pandemic…or conspiracy?

Over the past week or so I have read several articles and seen many videos about the Swine flu and the related vaccine,and more and more I am convinced it is all propaganda and fear-mongering and scare tactics. There is this elite and powerful group called the Bilderberg group, make up of heads of state, politicians, bankers,businessmen, and the media from USA and Europe; the world’s most rich, powerful, and influencial people, incl. Henry Kissinger and the Rockefeller family. They have secret meetings once a year with the goal of world domination; a New World Order where they reduce the population by 2/3 and have one world  central gov’t, currency,and court. It is a scary “Orwellian” “Big Brother” scenario and one way they plan to do this is with the Swine Flu vaccine(which has harmful side-effects incl. infertility and neurological damage and even death). They create such panic and hysteria people flock to get the vaccine…which really either sterilizes you or kills you outright, which is why mainly targeting pregnant women and children; those that are of reproductive age and the next generation; to render them infertile and to kill them off. Sound crazy, yes, maybe so, but also more and more possible and the more I look into it the more it seems likely! There was also a Mossad microbiologist who specialized in bio-weapons and he warned that’s what the Swine Flu vaccine is and he tried to warn the media and public, except the FBI got to him first and destroyed his information and hauled him off….never to be heard from again and that was in the summer; he just “disappeared”. They tried to discredit him as a “nutcase” and “terrorist”,but interestingly the outbreak he forcast in Ukraine ocurred exactly when he said it would; it was RELEASED onto them with the goal of population control; seems he might have been right all along! This is chilling and frightening stuff! Reminds me of in the Bible the prophecy of the Last Days  leading to the Great Tribulation of being “marked with the sign of the Beast”. Could this possibly be the Swine Flu vaccine?Is it the “Mark of the Beast?” It all sounds like some weird science fiction movie!