Life is a soap opera!

My dear friend’s life sounds like a soap opera or a movie; she had this one great love she met in university and they were in love and engaged and together for 5 years. She broke it off(for someone else but it didn’t last) and regretted it ever since,and has always wished she could apologize, realizing he was her true love. Now, over 20 years later she got back in touch with him and discovered he’s been married for 4 years and has a child but it’s not working out,and he always loved her and said she gave him the best years of his life! She said that’s not what she wants from him now(even though she never dated since they broke up) but merely wanted to say sorry, but this may very well be a second chance for her; an opportunity,so I said what she should do is at least keep in touch, be his friend, support him,and be there for him and just wait and see what happens over time; if anything becomes of it. I secretly hope they do get back together and get married; I don’t want her to be alone; her mom and sister are dead and her dad’s old and unwell; soon she will be all alone and she deserves someone; to have love and happiness, so I watch and cheer from the side-lines, praying whatever’s meant to be and what’s best will happen, but I hope they do get back together; I want her to get back with the love of her life, like in those romantic movies or soap operas….life imitates art! I want her to have the happy ending, to get back with her greatest love, to have a happily ever after ending, esp. as so few people do!