Indian Summer?

I think it must be what they call “Indian Summer”; it’s NOVEMBER and it was 17 degrees C yesterday and 14-15 degrees C the days before and normally it’s cold, and even snowing! This is nice and we were outside alot the past few days; in the yard; kids playing, raking leaves, going for walks and bike rides,and I even sat out and got a TAN and even got a SUNBURN on my face!! Who’d EVER think I’d get a sunburn in November? This is really nice,and I know it won’t last but it’s like spring! My hubby even put the Christmas lights up on the house(although we’re not turning them ON just yet!) before the cold,wind,and snow! A strange thing occurred with our neighbours next door as well(who also said they are moving) their dog was chasing a squirrel and ran into a tree…and died! must have had a head injury) is that weird, or what? That’s really freaky!!Poor Wilson will be sad,too as it was a female Shih Tzu and we were hoping she’d be his “girlfriend”!

I also had a laughing fit in Church yesterday. I know this is going to sound mean(but I have a “wicked” sense of humour,and you had to be there and seen it) but there was a baby in a car seat(strapped in) sitting in the bench on the pew in front of us and the little sister knocked it over and the baby(in the seat) ended up upside-down in-between the bench and the railing! It was like a Three Stooges slapstick sort of thing!I couldn’t stop laughing and the more I TRIED to stop(knowing I shouldn’t laugh and it wasn’t an “appropriate” place to laugh) it just got worse; I even put my hand over my mouth to try to “muffle” it but I was shaking and tears were coming out my eyes and my nose was running! It lasted for about 10 minutes and I just couldn’t stop! One of the kids beside me saw it too and he was cracking-up and he’d look at me and I’d look at him,and we were both  in hysterics!This has happened twice before; once in school and another time on an overnight flight. Once the “giggles” get ahold of you, you are powerless to stop it!