“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on what we’ve been doing lately:

“Aunt Flow” arrived and it’s really bad this month; I have debilitating pain(feels like a knife stabbed and twisting in my gut) I am dizzy and almost passed out and have such heavy bleeding (do I have cancer, or something?)I wondered if I’d bleed out! The 2 year old also continues to be an unholy terror(“Rosemary’s Baby”, ha,ha!); he threw a hard shoe at the 6 year old’s mouth and split her lip open in 2 places,and there was a hole, a big lump, swelling,blood all over, and now it’s a dark purple! Telling the 6 year old that “a” is a vowel she also said,”No it’s NOT! ‘owl’ starts with ‘o’,NOT an ‘a!'” and the boys were trying to find rude words in the dictionary and thought it was hilarious they made them sound so “refined” and “cultured” in their definitions,and in Mass there was something so funny I laughed so hard I was in hysterics and was shaking,crying and my nose was running and the more I tried to stop laughing(and even held my hand over my mouth to muffle it) the worse it got and lasted a good 1o minutes! 🙂

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