“No aim peoples!”

I am remembering a hilarious thing that happened a few years ago; some of the kids and I were on a long overnight flight and we opened up a toy they got for the trip which was made in China and as we read the instructions we just burst out laughing, convulsing in hysterics at the improper English translation that was written as follows: “No aim peoples”, “No in the mouth”, and “Special pinball fighter for swallow”. It was just the funniest thing and we were cracking up, shaking, tears running down our faces, noses running,and just couldn’t stop laughing and the harder we tried the worse it was,and likely even more funny to us as we were tired and jet-lagged to begin with!It lasted for quite awhile and a similar thing happened in Church recently, reminding me of this incident, one of only a few in my lifetime that just strike me as so overwhelmingly funny that it completely overtakes you and you collapse in uncontrollable giggles.You need a hearty laugh like that though every now and then! 🙂