To shave or not to shave?

As it is now(and for the most part of the past 4 years) I have my hair shaved into a Buzz-cut(think Sinead O’Connor) style but I was thinking of maybe taking it a step futher and going ALL the way and shaving it ALL off completely BALD, just for the hell of it; just to see what it’s like….so, what do you think? Should I?….

In other news, I got this really nice warm, soft, snuggy blanket for my bed I just LOVE(it feels like the kids’ Webkinz toys!) but I think I might be allergic to it as when I lay on it my clothes feels like they have itching powder and I itch all over like crazy! I hope not; I LOVE that thing! I’ll throw it in the washer and see if that helps!My hubby also feels sick and he layed down in the 2 year old’s bed and now I’m furious! Now he’ll get sick,too, so I kicked him out, disinfected it and changed the linens but I hope it’s not too late! What if it’s Swine Flu or something? He’s such a KNUCKLE-HEAD!!!