“Ketchup” post.

“Ketchup” post; catching up on our lives:

The 15 year old’s English assignment was to correct improper grammar(eg, “Him and me aint got nothing”) he called translating “Redneck” language,and the 10 year old trying to make different forms of the word “sweet” made up a new word: “sweeting” and the 2 year old tracing his letters squealed, ” ‘Das PERFECT!” When I cut his hair he also looked in the  mirror and exclaimed,”Lookin’ good! Look sharp for(the)ladies!” and he poked the 8 year old in the stomach with a big stick as well, threw a shoe at the 6 year old’s mouth and split her lip open AND took a big bite out of her,too! He’s so BAD! Our oldest away at school also said there was a big riot in the street, my hubby went to a Red Cross CPR First Aid course over the weekend, we went to a Blues concert,and on Friday we’ll be getting our Christmas tree, and some of the kids had a “Nerd Day” where they dressed up as nerds and I took photos! It has been an interesting time!