We got our Christmas tree!

We got our Christmas tree, a 7 foot Fraser Fir! It looks really nice and has such a nice fragrant smell! Nothing beats the smell of a real tree(when I was a kid we always had an artifical one and I’d spray pine scented air freshener on it but it’s not the same!) The kids had fun decorating it but my mean hubby hid the star just to freak everyone out, to watch us all scramble around in a panic looking for it(he’s mean that way!) and  a wire hook went thru my thumb(and it was really bleeding so now I have a bandage on it but it makes it hard to type now!!) and as tradition, I moved the tacky ornaments to the back of the tree(and the kids move them to the front to torment me and I move them back again) and I make a hanging plant thingy with the sprigs we had left over when the bottom of the tree was trimmed down to fit in the stand!Our son away at school asked if we hung the tree upside-down,too(which of course we didn’t; that’s weird!) and my hubby put a weird hat on top of it while we were busy looking for the star! It looks really nice and we have to enjoy for 5 weeks! 🙂

Advent officially starts on Sunday as well; the 4 week countdown until Christmas and for Catholics also a special time to prepare our hearts and our homes for Jesus! We clean ourselves spiritually as we wait for His arrival,and we  have the Advent wreath and the kids have calenders with chocolates as well and we will all do Confessions,too!JESUS is the reason for the season!!