Is Wilson going to be evicted?

Wilson(seen here as a puppy and will turn a year old on 25 January 2010)  has been acting up so much lately it looks like we might have to evict him: ever since our 2 oldest kids are visiting(for 2 weeks) from university over Christmas he’s started doing pee and ca-ca all over the HOUSE now,on the carpets and floors, and before that he was so good going outside every few hours and staying indoors, roaming free around the house the rest of the time, but this has gotten to be a REAL problem; my theory is the change and disruption(of their arrival) makes him upset or nervous, or perhaps he wants more attention, and is “marking his territory”, and if so, hopefully it will also END once they leave(I hope so!) but if not….we see no other choice than to get rid of him as we can’t have him peeing all over the house! It is NOT acceptable and we won’t put up with it! I don’t WANT to get rid of him,and I hope he CAN stay, but he has to stop this! He can’t stay outside or in his crate all the time!(even when we confined him to the kitchen he still peed all over there,and he’ll “mark” 3 spots at the same time,too!) What ELSE can we DO??

Year end 2009 recap.

 As the year draws near an end, I think back on what it meant for us: in 2009  we now have 2 kids away at university and continue to homeschool the others, my hubby didn’t end up losing his job afterall(even though he was told he would be) we have been relatively healthy except  for Strep Throat,  the usual colds, a flu, and 2 sprained wrists, and our 11 year old has been off chemo for 2 years now and still ok and hasn’t relapsed. We also  avoided a surgery(although my hubby is still waiting for his in the new year; likely in spring),an enemy has been somewhat dis-armed and less of a threat, and another potential danger(that had been causing us much anxiety for a year) has been removed and avoided. We got a new dog,although we may have to end up getting rid of it as it’s now taken to peeing all over the house marking it’s territory,we went to the Caribbean,and I reconnected with a dear friend I had lost contact with for 25 years and when we got back together it was where we had left off.God has always been good to us, provided for our needs, watched over us and kept us safe.What will the new year of 2010 bring? We are unsure, but look to it with optimism and hope,knowing God is always with us,even as the world continues to become even more secularized,anti-life and anti-family,accepting and even embracing,encouraging, and promoting sin, stamping out religion,denying absolute Truth, trying to censor God,and persecuting His people.We are faithful and He will continue to unfold His plans for our lives and we are secure He takes care of us.

Holy Family, pray for us!

Feast of Holy FamilyWe must remember to each try our very best to imitate the Holy Family in raising our own families; to teach our kids to be godly and righteous, and to shun the evil and immorality in the world. We are called to welcome children as God sees fit and to not do anything to interfere with that; to always be open to new life and to not deny it.We are ordained to educate our kids in God’s ways. We are commanded to have a great horror of sin and contempt for the evil world. We are to raise our children for Heaven, to stand up and defend God’s Truth and to be righteous and to live an upright, moral, good,and clean life, shunning sin and worldliness. We can always pray to the Holy Family to guide us as we endeavour to imitate them. Granted, our kids aren’t perfect like Jesus(I doubt HE ever mouthed off to Mary!)nor are we as parents, but despite our human limits, flaws, and failings as parents, we continue to learn and to grow, looking up to them as our example.They are our best role models!

“Not me!” Monday.

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I didn’t….feel glad and relieved Christmas was over as it’s always so much preparation, work,and clean up, esp. for just one day…..

I didn’t…stay home when my hubby visited his family as we have nothing in common and I wouldn’t fit in; they all drink and smoke and watch sports and wrestling and play cards, darts,and pool,and I’m not into “white-trash” things and would feel uncomfortable and out of place…

I didn’t…enjoy the quiet time alone when my hubby was away,and enjoying watching a movie in peace without him here to always fiddle around with the remote and do something stupid and we end up losing the channel and missing part of it…

I didn’t…feel angry when our 2 oldest visited from university to find our girl had dyed her hair a dark black “Goth/Emo” style…

I didn’t….feel glad the losers next-door moved, now free from “white-trash” and their noise, fights, drugs and frequent police visits….

I didn’t…feel mad our daughter is staying for holidays a week longer than our son when she’s the one I don’t get along with and would much prefer it the other way around…


“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on what we’ve been doing lately:

We had a good Christmas but it was tiring and I’m glad it’s over! My hubby went to visit his family as well and they think I’m a snob for never going but I have nothing in common with them and wouldn’t fit in and would feel uncomfortable; they all drink and smoke(I don’t; it’s a moral choice) and they like loser white-trash things such as playing poker, darts and pool, listening to country music and watching sports and wrestling; what would we have to talk about, and with my Social Phobia I don’t like to “socialize” regardless! Our 2 oldest are vising from university as well(our girl dyed her hair a dark black Goth/Emo) and Wilson is now going to the bathroom on the carpet ever since; I suspect due to the change; either he’s nervous or wants more attention, but if he keeps it up he won’t be staying here for long as we’re not putting up with that,and I sprained my wrist and can’t move or bend it, can’t lift, carry, grasp or carry,and it’s in a brace/banadage and really hurts! We’re getting heavy rain as well(I want snow!) and now the basement’s all flooded again,and the 15 YR old tried to trick the 2 YR old asking him what “phone” starts with,thinking he’d say “f”, but he said “p”; he’s smart, and the neigbours next door moved! I also wrote 2010 as 210 and knew it didn’t look right but anything with numbers and math is a struggle for me, and my computer’s been acting-up; everything we have is crap and our oldest noticed as well everything goes fine for him at home but as soon as he comes here everything starts going wrong and not working and agreed it’s something surrounding us and  our house; like a curse of bad luck or something, where nothing works out or goes right and always breaks….and my hubby said *I* “imagine” it? HE’S the only one who doesn’t see it!!

Hairy Christmas!

 Wilson had a very Hairy Christmas, his first one and he seemed the most excited with his doggy stocking of new toys! We opened our gifts, the kids had stockings, and we had a big dinner in the diningroom using the real china and fancy place settings. The 11 year old was told to leave the table as well for making inappropriate jokes during Grace and the kids liked to annoy and torment me by rearranging the Nativity figures and hiding the Baby Jesus. The only present I got was a small box of 6 chocolates but it was nice to see the kids so excited,reminding me of happy Christmas memories as a kid, how excited I always was, and loved the trees, decorations and lights and spending time at my grandparents, or aunts,uncles and cousins. It was a “magical” time! As an adult it’s also always alot of work and preparation and it’s a tiring and busy day and it’s always sort of a relief when it’s all over! My wrist feels all sore as well, like I sprained it, and it hurts and I can’t bend it or grasp or carry things and I’m wearing a brace bandage to keep it rested, but it’s a real mystery; I never DID anything to explain it! It makes it very hard to type as well!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

:: Merry Christmas !!!
Mele Kalikimaka !!!
:: Joyeux Noël !!!

!!! ميلاد مجيد وعام سعيد…                                             

::: 즐거운 성탄절 되세요 !!!
Frohe Weihnachten !!!
:: Feliz Navidad !!!
Kαλά Χριστούγεννα !!!
:: Buon Natale !!!
!! God jul !!
:: Wesołych Świąt !!!
メリークリスマス !!!
:: Glædelig jul !!!
С Рождеством !!!
:: Vrolijk kerstfeest !!!
สุขสันต์ วัน คริสต์มาส !!!
Mutlu Noeller !!!

My heart is complete now!

Now everyone is home again my heart is complete! Both our oldest kids away at university have come home for Christmas for 2 weeks. Our oldest son has grown so MUCH since we last saw him in May; he must be 6 1/2 feet tall now and he has short hair(it was shaggy last time) and stylish and he has facial hair now too and dressed in “gay” clothes(no offence) I guess that’s the cosmopolitan sytle now? I am so glad to see him I leaped into his arms and gave him a big hug(and he LET me,too, which was nice!) and all the kids gathered all around him,excited to see him,and Wilson barked, as he only saw him once, when he was 4 months old,and the 2 year old is cautious, not sure he remembers him! Our oldest girl had her long hair cut short, and dyed a dark black, like a Goth or Emo(which doens’t look good) and she was snotty and mad complaining everyone’s more excited to see him instead of her, and alread back to taking over everything,etc.and she just got here! She has always been difficult and the cause of much discord, but I’m glad everyone is safely home for Christmas and our family(and my heart) is complete once again! Merry Christmas!