As if PETA wasn’t obnoxious,insane and annoying ENOUGH, now their new ad has gone way beyond blasphemy. Similar to the one pictured here( the new version is so obscene I refused to post it) only with the skank  naked holding a huge Crucifix over strategic areas, with a slutty seductive pose and look. They care so much about animals(to the point of extreme and fanatical political extremism and even terrorist tactics) but care nothing about people or about respecting God or religion or sacred symbols that people hold dear.They treat animals like “gods” and even go as far as to to and ban all service animals incl. guide dogs for the blind, drug-sniffing police dogs, zoo animals,dairy cows,animal testing, fur, meat, eggs, dairy products,  etc..they treat animals like people and people like animals. They have no respect or dignity for the human being but practically worship animals, not caring that there are many more needy and deserving PEOPLE that need our awareness, help, concern, prayers, financial help, aid, etc. such as those in poverty, abuse, victims of war and natural disasters, refugees,victims of disease, the protection of the unborn, etc..think of how much more good the money wasted on animal welfare could go to help needy PEOPLE instead? People and people’s needs are more important than that of animals and should be given priority. PETA is underhanded, disrespectful, blasphemous,fanatical, zealous,looney,and offend just about everyone except the animal-rights freaks,but now they have gone WAY too far! They have no class, tact,intelligence or respect.They need to get a clue!

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