Pride is a sin!

Ok, so this has been bothering me for awhile now and I have just quietly shook my head and rolled my eyes but now I have to say something; I have been reading a blog that claims to be from a Christian but they have been coming off as SO arrogant, prideful,and full of themselves more and more all the time, with an inflated ego,seemingly  thinking they are more “famous” and popular than they really are, an exaggerated  sense of importance,; they are so vain to think that everyone is so interested in meeting them, seeing them in person, talking live to them,watching them on TV or reading about them,and even thinking a celebrity would be possibly reading their blog!You’d think they almost think they’re celebrities or something! Can anyone say PRIDE here?They really aren’t as popular and “famous” as they think and I seriously doubt that many  people are lining up to talk to them or meet them.They write a blog…that’s it….and so do I and millions of OTHER people;it doesn’t make you special or famous or important and this inflated sense of self and pride REALLY rubs me the wrong way and I had to vent, esp. when they claim to be “Christian”. Humility means you don’t think you’re “better” than anyone else and you don’t think so highly of yourself and inflate your popularity and come off sounding arrogant, like you think you’re the greatest thing that there is and that everyone is so interested in you and your life any more than they’d be about anyone else’s.I guess being out in the somewhat public eye does often inflate people’s egos and make them proud but Christians are held to a higher standard,and unlike them, I don’t suppose too many people WILL be reading this(and certainly NOT any celebrities, ha!), but so be it; I do it for me,and if others want to stop by, that’s fine but I’m NOT so prideful to think everyone WILL want to read this, or meet me, or know who I am,and talk to me live,etc..who really CARES? I’m just another blogger; a dime a dozen, just like anyone else;.the thought just makes my stomach turn, which I guess works out anyway as I prefer to be anonymous, for privacy and security reasons; I never use my real name online; there are lots of stalkers and loonies out there….and bloggers puffed up with pride(which also happens to be a pet-peeve of mine!) too,(although of all the blogs I DO read, this is the only one who HAS ever come across that way!) as it would sadly seem. 😦

6 thoughts on “Pride is a sin!

  1. I think I might know who you are referring to and I wholly agree completely! I think they have gotten too big for their britches and are very self-promoting and think they are like Oprah; media “royalty” and experts on everything. If it’s who I think it is you are so right! I think the blogger in question has an inflated ego and shamelessly promotoes themselves and thinks they are practically a celebrity and all that!

  2. If you have ever read the blog in question you will have no doubt who I am referring to,however, I’m not going to say who it IS, but, if the shoe fits…

  3. I read a blog that is so self-promoting they even have ads, contests, give-a-ways and encourage their readers to nominate their blog for some award and the author promotes it every chance she gets; in the newspaper, on TV, wherever she gets the chance. I bet it’s the same one!

  4. A blog I went to (I think must be the same one) even said about readers going on a cruise with the author! now if that isn’t the height of arrogance I don’t know what IS!Who does she think she IS? She even thinks Tiger Woods reads her blog and will take heed to a letter she wrote him! Swelled head and inflated ego anyone?Some people!!

  5. Must be the one I read where she started off asking for prayers for her sick baby and then it got out of control and turned her into a publicity-hungry conceited prideful blogger who only cares now about how many hits her blog receives and has resorted to everything to try and stay in the spot light.Disgusting.

  6. I don’t really think it’s too hard to figure out who I’m talking about here, and it seems I’m not the only one who thinks so,either! 🙂

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