The “Tiger” becomes a “cheetah?”

The Tiger Woods accident/infidelity scandal is all over the news, on blogs, etc..what are my thoughts on the whole thing?I couldn’t care LESS about golf(or ANY sports for that matter!) but he’s so famous even *I* know who he is! Well, he sure does LOOK guilty by evading the police, and with the proof the skank gave of their messages,his facial injuries which suspiciously seem consistant with a fight rather than a car accident(and if his furious wife DID “go ghetto” on him, how did he THINK she’d react hearing he’s cheated on her?), and his admission of ‘transgressions”, and all I can say is if he IS indeed guilty of cheating on his wife then he has to no one to blame but himself for the subsequent fall-out(be it negative  media attention, a costly divorce, loss of his pricey endorsements and clean image).Eventually the truth will always come out and adultery is a sin, whether you are famous or not; God doesn’t distinguish.Being in the public eye one also has to expect every aspect of their lives to be scrutinized and exposed to not have any real privacy; it is the price one pays for fame.I can only hope and pray both he and his wife and kids can heal and grow from this.Too many celebs just seem to think that they are “above” standards and that the rules don’t “apply” to them.That is a sad mistake. Family is so important; why would anyone do anything to hurt, endanger,or destroy it,and esp.just  with some cheap bar whores? I just DON’T see the logic in it, I really don’t.Why?It hurts everyone!