Rudolph the Red-nosed drunkard?

Here is a topic I have mixed feelings on: Operation Red-nose, which is a  free service to drive drunks home(in their own cars) after a booze-soaked bar-fest  night of immorality, with the purpose of avoiding drunk driving. I find drunk driving deplorable(and I know someone who’s teenaged brother was killed on New Year’s Eve as he was walking home and hit by a drunk driver) yet at the same time it also condones, if not ENCOURAGES, these “sauce monkeys”, like telling them,Yeah, go ahead and get wasted all you want; no worries; we’ll give you a free ride home!”They offer this service thru December right up to the New Year, I guess it’s the season for the losers to get smashed even more than usual. I think it’s good they try to avoid the carnage of drunk driving but at the same time DON’T approve of it or think it’s a good idea as it gives the drunks permission; a free-for-all  instead of better educating people to NOT drink in the first place; no good comes out of alcohol anyway, just broken homes, car accidents, and the like; it serves no useful purpose, so how about instead of just accepting it, condoning it and even worse, encouraging and AIDING in it, spread a message of NOT getting drunk in the FIRST place? Yet then again, that would be something responsible,upright and moral, something society today has no regard or concern for, even though is sorely NEEDS it desperately!!