“Ketchup” post.

Catching-up on what we’ve been doing lately:

The 2 year old continues to be a terror and a hazard and snuck off with our backs turned for just a mere 30 seconds and nuked pizza in the microwave, burnt, black,and smoking,and drank water out of the toilet and luckily the blue deoderizing puck ISN’T poisonous,but he’s also smart and printed out all the letters freehand without copying or tracing,and he knows all the phonetic sounds, and his shapes and colours as well! He won’t eat his Advent calender chocolates either as he thinks they’re “shit ca-ca”, and the 6 year old in Church remarked about the altar,”When do we go up on stage?” and said ,”Kiss the broom and kick the bride….but why would you want to marry a BROOM?” and both she and the 2 year old accidently ate peanuts(hidden in chocolate) but luckily are ok and don’t have a fatal allergy like the 8 year old(and due to it just to be safe with all the younger kids we haven’t given them peanuts just in case they have the allergy,too!) I broke my record for my headache as well: lasting 25 days in a row, and I worry my closest friend may have cancer too as she’s high risk and has worrisome symptoms,and the boys had aluminum foil on their heads and sat there waiting for the “aliens” to contact them! We FINALLY had snow,the 6 year old also said she saw an angel beside her bed, watching over her as she fell asleep(I have also seen them 3 times as have my mother and many of the kids) and next week is our wedding  anniversary,too; I can’t believe we’ve been together 21 years; HALF my LIFE, and it’s depressing as it makes me feel really OLD!! 😦