Let it snow, let it snow!

We FINALLY got snow, and DID we! After breaking a record of having NO snow at ALL for all of November(since 1937) we FINALLY got a big snowstorm; 20cm with 90 km/hr winds,and over the next 2 days we’re forecasted to get even  more, incl. thunder and lightening,which I have only ever seen during snow ONCE in my entire LIFE! Hopefully it will be a white Christmas afterall! Awhile later the temp went back up(to 5 degrees C) and it rained, but it’s going to drop back down again and turn back into snow, possibly even 15cm more! I love it; so beautiful and it looks like a snowglobe; a fairytale winter wonderland outside! The kids made snowmen and even Wilson had fun; bouncing around in it , digging in it,and rolling around in it; it’s HIS first snow!! My hubby hates it,however,and has a 2 hour drive for work, but the rest of us love it and are so excited it’s FINALLY here at last!!

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