Please pray for Michelle Duggar and new baby!

I got a message from a fellow Christian on Facebook that Michelle Duggar has just had an emergency cesarian to deliver baby # 19 at only 25 weeks gestation due to pre-eclampsia and gall stone troubles. I haven’t seen anything on the news regarding it yet so it’s officially still unconfirmed, but please pray for the Duggar family either way. This is a precarious situation for both mother and baby, who is now just on the edge of viability.This will be a very long hard road for such a small preemie. Please keep the Duggars in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE: I just saw it now on the news; it is true and the baby girl weighed only 1 pound 6 ounces.

Friday Fill-ins.

1. You get     90km/hr winds with a blizzard like ours! _____________.
2. _God DOES have the  ________ right to   dictate how we live our lives!_________.
3. It’s     parka and  snow shovel __________ time.
4.  Global warming crap is  _____________ ridiculous!
5. I feel more     excited for Christmas now we have snow   ______________.
6. _I’m saying my prayers and then it’s  _______…goodnight!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to   nothing at all  _____, tomorrow my plans include   TV movie  _____ and Sunday, I want to  go to Church. _____!