Wilson is winterized!

Here is Wilson, 11 months old. Now its’ winter and we have snow and it’s cold he’s no longer running free around the backyard for most of the day now, but he’s indoors now and I just let him out to pee and ca- ca 3-4 times a day for about 5 minutes which is working out well! He hasn’t had any accidents in the house for a few days now and seems to understand when I open the door and let him out what it’s for and he does his “business” quickly! When the kids go out to play in the snow he goes out too and  he enjoys it as well and runs around in it, rolls around, bounds all over and sniffing and digging in it! He also always follows me around in the house and wherever I am he is too and always sits or lays by my feet(or snuggles on my lap or sits beside me on the couch) whatever room I’m in and one of the kids remarked if they’re looking for him they just have to find me and they’ll find him! I guess he’s officially claimed ME as his “Master!” 🙂